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水 部落
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A community dedicated to the Avatar AU created by rufftoon

water tribe

Water Tribe is the AU comic created by rufftoon. It features Zhao 3 years after the finale of Avatar Season 1. Zhao has lost his memories, and his firebending. There is mystery, adventure, backstabbing, love, and cake. Don't for get cake.

This is a community for fans of this universe to come and share thoughts, fanworks (fics, art, ect...) and converse with fellow fans of the well made (and currently ongoing) comic.

How to read Water Tribe

To read the comic, you can start with the Old Version, and use the button to go to the next page. Or begin with the Revised Version and do the same.

Or, feel free to browse the Memories or Tags for Version and Parts indexes of the comic, as well as some extras.


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